Our thriving town

Our thriving town

27 September 2018

We can all appreciate the initial attraction that Queenstown has for tenants, property investors and home owners – stunning surrounds, endless opportunity and innovative schooling to name but a few. The fact that we also have an international airport and world-renowned facilities are an added bonus. But what keeps us here, and what does the future hold?

Our thriving town has come a long way since William Gilbert Rees began farming in 1860. The first canvas homes gave way to sod walls and sapling roofs, then timber and stone as The Camp became Queenstown and gold at the Arrow drew thousands to the area. There’s still gold in the hills, so the locals say, but these days property is the investment of choice. From those early settlers, we now have a resident population of over 25,000, projected to grow to nearly 33,000 in the next ten years, and to nearly 50,000 by 2058. Everyone needs a place to live.

GDP growth in the district in 2017 was 8.1%, compared to 3.6% for the whole of New Zealand, with tourism a major contributor. Infrastructure development is evident, and just the beginning of the long-term plans for the district, including a new primary school, expansion of Wakatipu High School and a $385 million upgrade to the town centre. Commercial expansion, with construction of new retail areas fully underway, will continue a high demand for Queenstown rental properties for workers, with savvy investors well aware that the median rent is currently well above that for central Auckland or Christchurch. Queenstown truly is the place to be.

With Hollywood bringing Queenstown to centre stage in recent blockbuster movies, visits by world-famous musicians, and even royalty, is there anywhere better to invest? Speak to one of our Pure Property professional Property Managers for up-to-date property information and advice – rentals made easy is our motto, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Jump on the wagon, as is the Queenstown tradition, and become part of the future of our incredible town.