Spring into action in Queenstown

Spring into action in Queenstown

20 September 2018

The daffodils are out, the sun is shining, the mountains are clinging on to their remaining snow… spring is in the air. And spring is the ideal time to lavish your Queenstown investment property with a little bit of TLC – a few jobs now could save you time and money in the long run, and provide a much more comfortable environment to live in.  

Inside the house

Let’s get real, it’s time to clean the windows, inside and out; they’re always so much dirtier than you think – until you suddenly realise (post-cleaning) just how sparkly the view actually is. Next up is the wood-burner, once you’re done for the season and it’s fully cooled down, talk to your Queenstown property manager about getting the professionals round to clean the flue and replace any broken lining – and while you’re at it, consider buying your wood for next year – it will be nice and dry by the time winter rolls around, and you won’t have that last minute rush to contend with.

Cleaning the range hood or extractor fan is never a nice job, but after all those tasty winter cook-ups it’s a necessary one; it will work much more efficiently, with no risk of drips into your food. Check windows, especially up top behind blinds or curtains, for any mould or damp, as well as behind furniture – air it out, clean, and when it’s warm enough (and if you’re the property owner) treat and repaint. Lastly, consider a couple of ornaments, or bright cushions or throws, or even a potted plant to bring some spring colour inside the home.

Outside the house

Check the deck and patio for moss and mould, this can be very slippery, especially as the last remaining frosts thaw. Consider using a water-blaster for hardwood decks, or a hose and broom for softwood. If you think the roof could need attention, talk to us – we’ll send someone to get the ladder out and have a look at the roof and check out the spouting/guttering plus check the pipes for any cracks.

Tidy up the garage or garden shed, clear away garden leaves and broken branches, maybe do a bit of pruning if the garden needs it. Consider anything you’d like to plant for some summer colour, or maybe to attract birds or bees. Do you need to put down new bark or chippings? Do it now before you forget. And finally, very importantly, check the BBQ – you don’t want to open it in front of friends for the first time this season, only to discover you forgot to clean it last autumn.

And when that’s all done, sit back, relax and enjoy the spring air in your Queenstown home!