Property Inspections

Quarterly inspections are an essential part of the service

At Pure Property we’re dedicated to taking care of our owners’ properties. We don’t just turn up to check out a house, we notify tenants in advance of their inspection (approximately every three months), this regularity is important to allow us to identify any issues with either the tenants or the property before they become a problem.

Inspections are a vital tool for everyone to understand their responsibilities around the property. They are also a key tool for maintaining a history of the condition of the property and can play an important part in any tenancy tribunals or insurance claims.

How does an inspection work?

We’ll walk through every room of the property with our iPads, comparing the current condition to that of the previous inspection to ensure your asset is being cared for. We’ll also view the grounds to make sure tenants are meeting their obligations with regard to the home’s exterior presentation.

Upon completion of the inspection, both the owner and the tenant will be sent a copy of the detailed written report, along with a series of digital photographs, within 48 working hours of the viewing. We like to ensure all parties are on the same page hence sharing this communication.

Anything which we consider has the potential to become a problem or which needs immediate attention will be highlighted for your consideration.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the condition of your property, and to make sure we’re managing your investment exactly as you would like.

Questions about Property Management?