Safety first

Safety first

20 June 2018

Queenstown is a pretty safe place to live. With the exception of the occasional alcohol-related minor crime, mainly taking place in pubs and on the streets of the CBD, there’s very little going on. But just once in a while we’ll hear of opportunistic burglary, and with both the resident population and visitor numbers growing, it’s something residents need to be aware of.

With that said, here are a few tips on keeping your home safe.

  • It’s a simple one, but lock your exterior doors – we all feel safe here, but it’s preferable to get into good habits. Even if you’re just popping out to walk the dog, or soaking in the bath for an hour or two, don’t take the risk.
  • Shut windows when you go out. It’s important to let the air through your property, especially when the weather is damp, but don’t forget to close them when you’re not there.
  • Know where your keys are! And not just your regular bunch that you carry around with you. Keep the spare door key somewhere safe, preferably with a neighbour, not under the doormat. If you have a car key at home keep it hidden – easy as it is to have a bowl of keys by the front door, that’s just gold to an opportunist.
  • Store valuables in a safe box, especially passports, birth certificates and other important documents. Most of these are strong and waterproof, also ensuring against any home floods, fire or earthquake damage.
  • Lock your garage, garden shed or any other outbuildings, burglars don’t just steal TVs!
  • When you go out, leave a light on a dimmer switch or timer so that it looks like someone is home. Some LEDs can be operated from a mobile phone app, so you can adjust them when you’re not there for added flexibility. An outdoor light on a sensor will also put off potential criminals, as well as lighting your way when you return.
  • Know your neighbours! If you’re away on holiday, ask them to pop round and collect your post, open and close your curtains now and again, maybe park their car in your driveway, or put their clothes on your line – anything that gives an idea of activity.
  • Shred your documents and take care of privacy when using your computer. Leaving bank documents and other paperwork loose in the recycling bin opens you up to fraudulent activity and potential identity theft.
  • Lastly, report any suspicious behavior that you notice – you would want someone else to do it for you. And often opportunists will target two or three properties in an evening, don’t put yourself at risk because you didn’t speak up.
  • And if you live up a mountain, keep an eye out for kea, and don’t encourage them – they’re renowned for taking an opportunity (and your belongings) when you’re looking the other way!

Please continue to enjoy the safe town we live in, and with a little care you should have no problems. However, if you have any queries over the security of your rental property, please get in touch with your Property Manager who will be happy to help.